Lorenz Lo Sauer

Full Stack Developer

Lorenz Lo Sauer

  • Email: lorenz.lo.sauer@gmail.com
  • Website: http://lsauer.github.io
  • Phone: (+34) 6443 71 859
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Titles: Mag.rer.nat. ("M.Sc."), B.Sc.
  • Full Name: Mag. Lorenz LO Sauer, B.Sc.
  • Availability: Employed (Full-Time); Malaga, Spain
  • Current City: Málaga, Spain
  • Birthyear: 1984
  • Drivers License: AM, B
  • Spanish N.I.E.: Y5491286G

Personal & Professional Profile

Lorenz has a gift and passion for designing software user interfaces, whilst putting himself in the shoes of the users.

He brings along many years of professional programming experience working in teams. Utilizing cutting edge tools and programming languages, Lorenz delivers maintainable software with an agile philosophy.

His work is marked with a robust understanding of what is demanded at the hour of launching a product to a critical audience.



Technical Skills

The technologies learned (tag-sorted list of provided answers) and employed at a professional level extends to:

  • Design: UX
  • Design: Software
  • Database Architecture
  • OpenAPI
  • Docker & Terraform
  • Linux
  • .NET
  • C# latest
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Django 1, 2
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jQuery UI
  • Dojo
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • D3.JS
  • Flotr
  • Angular
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Laravel 5
  • Drupal 6
  • Jenkins CI
  • CI & GIT workflow
  • Grunt, Gulp
  • MSSQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Lean Clean Code


Amazon Web Services


Cloud / Terraform






Javascript / ES6








Linux & Apache







Lorenz types, speaks and thinks in three languages: German and English at a native comprehension level and Spanish with excellent technical comprehension and the ability to facilitate any kind of natural conversation.







Work Experience

Full Stack / Server Developer

Virtually Live

  • Location: Málaga, Spain
  • Period: Junio 2017 - present day
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Jesús Hormigo
  • Tools: javascript; nodejs; python; Archonda; jquery UI; AngularJS; Docker-CE; AWS (Route53 EC2; ECS; EFS; VPC; S3; ElastiCache; Redshift; ELB; CodePipeline; XRay; CodeCommit; Config; Cloudformation (switch to terraform); Certificate Manger; Amazon Lex and Polly; SNS, SQS, SES; Workspaces; Gamelift; AWS IoT; KMS; WAF; Kinesis; Data Pipeline; Elastic Map Reduce; EBS; Lambda; Auto Scaling Groups; DynamoDB; RDS ); Terraform; Logstash; PHP Silex; OpenAPI; Swagger; Linux; VIM; Jenkins; .NET latest; Visual Studio; Webstorm;

Being in charge of the Server Development Operations and DevOps for an innovative Virtual Reality Company, which pushes the boundaries of Big-Data driven real-event captures, to recreate them in the Virtual World

  • Creating a distributed leaderboard for a VR racing game (for a Red Bull Event) using DynamoDB and lambda at 0 € monthly operating cost
  • Re-architecting the existing AWS infrastructure at up to 80% cost savings.
  • Setting up a primary company wiki with more than 100 entries
  • Defining and setting common practices for cloud operating, code committing, server development, database, container management, enforcing "Code as Infrastructure"
  • Full Stack development tasks from shell scripts, AWS Lambda (.NET, Python, Javascript), to API Servers (EC2) and Web-Design tasks
  • Documenting and writing cloud architecture proposals to ultimately create and implement the proposed system led by a “infrastructure as code” philosophy
  • Using AWS on a daily basis. Implementing a Load Balancer for a multi-port system in Lambda, containerization and orechestration tasks

Sabbatical Year

Personal & Professional Development

  • Location: Germany, Austria, Spain
  • Period: March 2016 - present day
  • Job type: N/A
  • References: N/A
  • Tools: javascript; nodejs; coffeescript; mysql; jquery; jquery UI; continuous integration (AppVeyor & Travis); .NET latest; Visual Studio; Webstorm; Android Studio ; web-application; photoshop; angularjs; Docker; gruntjs; UI-automation; CDN;

After a short break, taking the decision to foster both personal and professional growth, based on a list of long-desired goals:

  • Learning the US International Keyboard Design and to maintain 80 wpm in Spanish, English and German. The US key mapping is desirable, due to frequent encounters of US command lines in virtual environments. (10fastfingers.com)
  • Writing and Publishing a Singleton Design Pattern Library for C# fully documented and tested
  • Writing and Publishing an "easy-to-use, portable, tested, documented, serializable, thread-safe, strongly typed converter library for .NET"
  • Continuous Integration workflow and automation with Travis & AppVeyor, Unit Testing Toolkits for .NET and automated conditional packaging and publishing
  • Unit testing and UI testing with phantomJS and Selenium
  • Dependency Injection applied in a comprehensive project
  • Socializing in non-work related fields

Front End Developer


  • Location: Vienna 1060, Austria
  • Period: August 2014 - October 2015
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Stefan Kjaer (Projectmanager, Ixolit)
  • Tools: php; javascript; coffeescript; mysql; jquery; jquery UI; html5-canvas; web-application; photoshop; CDN; adobe-premiere; laravel-5; angularjs ; jenkins-pipeline; phantomjs; Selenium; gruntjs; gulp; ui-automation; laravel; symfony; Remote debugging across multiple business logic hierarchies based on low latency HTTP calls; IxoPay; ImageMagik; AngularJS

Working as a UI designer/programmer, with Full Stack requirements, at an intermediate level alongside a senior UI specialist, in a company with a Jenkins CI and GIT workflow

  • Full Stack design of interactive UI widgets/gadgets to visualize parts of the Ixolit Cloud Ecosystem, which itself is used by high-end customers to upload and broadcast anything backed by a global CDN.
  • Creating widgets for "If-This-Then-That (ITTT) logic", widgets for setting programmable triggers, implemented in the backend through CRON and SQL, widgets for A/B Testing-Setups to divert customers to other pages such as promotions depending on location, browser etc...
  • Designed widgets to visualize and configure the client subscription flow of subscriber packages (with upgrades, resubscription packages, cancellation, prorating, promotional offers..)
  • Designed widgets to visualize any kind of traffic metrics in real time from a pool of hundreds of potential measures
  • Designed and implemented an IDE for creating and managing website content, using ACE.js, and a complex internal API flow
  • Improving the administration area and “linking” new UI features to the PHP code base, whilst consulting with an internal team of PHP specialists
  • Unit testing and UI testing with PhantomJS and Selenium
  • Documenting created features in an internal wiki
  • Implemented a client/server platform to be able to provide Ads, drawn and rasterized by a PHP script - implemented in the Laravel framework and using the PHP ImageMagik plugin.
  • Created a greeting-card platform / CMS for a very popular football club in Austria, called “Rapid” (​https://goo.gl/9aPHFU​), partially based on AngularJS

Senior Software Developer


  • Location: Vienna 1060/1160, Austria
  • Period: April 2013 - March 2014
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Peter Wucherer (Former Projectmanager Anexia)
  • Tools: Drupal; MSSQL; ASP.NET; C# .NET; PHP; JavaScript; jQuery; HTML; Linux; Bash; GIT; Python 2, Apache, REDIS; Django 1.2 - 1.7 / Django 2; VirtualBox Virtualization; PostgreSQL; Drupal; Zend 1/2; .NET Entity Framework; Visual Studio 2008; Team Foundation Server 2012; WebStorm; PHPStorm; Adobe Photoshop; MSSQL; MySQL; PL/SQL; Tipo3; JS Flotr Charting; PyStorm; Eclipse IDE Tools; Celery and Rabbit MQ

Working as a Full Stack developer, alongside Senior and Intermediate colleagues, carrying out web projects in a company using a CVS and GIT workflow with pragmatic unit testing and frequent customer support.

In charge of the .NET based Desktop Application development and technical customer support through Telephone, Skype and Teamviewer.

  • For www.lead-butler.de, a sales and brokerage platform of "leads" (potential sales contacts), put in charge of the technical customer support, maintenance, debugging, plugins/extensions and API incorporations of third-party providers. The backend and business logic has been written in Django 1.2; Task scheduling such as pdf generation, maintenance and API checks utilized celery and Rabbit MQ. The development has been carried out in a virtual machine, with a light Debian console guest, using VirtualBox and many external open SSH connections.
  • Conception and development of a desktop multitasking tool, running in the notification bar in Windows. It synchronizes a local database, running MSSQL Server 2008, with a remote database of a web store. The web database contains a product-catalog, and a client list, uses PostgreSQL and has a highly deviant data scheme to its local counterpart. The sync-application is an implementation facilitating task scheduling, schematic table mapping, and fast processing, whilst meeting the security guidelines of the remote web store API.
  • Implementation of a fitness web platform, offering services such as a count of the daily caloric intake, coordinating with sports communities, and finally a backend for all that based on Zend 2. Later, employing Drupal 6 in the development.
  • Improving, analyzing and remote debugging of a Typo 3 live-system, through the command-line, resulting in a heavy Linux use of the bash.
  • Implementing a simple plugin for Typo 3 that provides ads, while logging additional user client data
  • Implementation of a web shop for artwork of Österreichische Werkstätten (www.austrianarts.com/), together with a web presentation, managed by a CMS in Zend 2, to give visitors a profile and history of the company.
  • Weather domain implementation in ASP.NET for derstandard.at/wetter​, under a strict manual of code standards and strict code reviews, as part of the SLA with derstandard.at. Working exclusively remotely using virtual machines (Windows Server 2012; Visual Studio 2013; Team Foundation Server) and Windows Remote Desktop (RDP), provided by derstandard.at. Extending the codebase using DTO objects, ADO.NET Entity Framework for ORM. Researching and adapting a charting framework to meet the pixel-precise Photoshop design template requirements.

Software Programmer

Cemper GmbH

  • Location: Vienna 1220, Austria
  • Period: February 2013 - March 2013
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Christoph C. Cemper (Cemper Gmbh)
  • Tools: PHP CIL, Command line, Multitask PHP CIL, P/Invoke; Shell Execute, Linux, MySQL, REDIS, NoSQL, jQuery, jQuery UI; HTML; SQLite

Adjusting to a legacy PHP code base, as part of a comprehensive "Technical SEO" platform with the aim of gradually debugging, improving and rewriting it, whilst proposing and eventually implementing new features under a strict CVS workflow.

  • Familiarizing with the PHP Command Line Interface multitasking implementation using its own PHP task scheduler and script invocation passing command line arguments.
  • URL Linter Tool
  • Learning SQLite and its toolchain for an efficient workflow, owing to client analysis-reports being stored individually and isolated
  • Improving UI Widgets using jQuery, jQuery UI and custom implementations
  • Rapidly learning the Ins and Outs of technical SEO
  • Feature Proposal with strict writing standards
  • Communication solely in English using strict communication etiquette rules



  • Location: Vienna 1090, Austria
  • Period: January 2011 - August 2011
  • Job type: Half-Time
  • References: Dr. Wolfram Weckwerth (MoSys Director)
  • Tools:Adobe Photoshop, PHP, Python, Ruby, Bash, Linux, Apache, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, CSS, ExtJS, Jquery UI, Dojo, RPC; WSDL; SOAP; PHP; Local PHP debugging, Javascript debugging

Devising a scientific data aggregation and gathering platform ("Gator") for the MoSYS team, a team that carries out Metabolomics, as one of biology's Big Data disciplines

  • "A Distributed Data Aggregation Platform for Plant Metabolomics and Biochemistry"
  • Writing novel visualization plugins of chemical plant pathways, and searching for chemicals, pathways or enzyme classification numbers
  • Implementing search caching of visually rich and relational queries and introducing various speed optimizations
  • Using ExtJS, jQuery UI and Dojo, depending on the sub-systems of the project
  • Devising the storage of the predominant scientific databases, as “Datawarehousing”, by subjecting them to the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline.
  • Creation of a JSON based RPC that federates web-services (SOAP, REST, JSON,...) and makes them accessible in the browser-DOM through a thin MVC layer.

Web Programmer


  • Location: Vienna 1070, Austria
  • Period: February 2013 - March 2013
  • Job type: Freelance (service contract)
  • References: N/A
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, CSS, Local Debugging PHP local, Debugging Javascript

Optimization and profiling of the SQL statements with nested subroutines, to optimize the performance of a web domain and architectural database design

  • Creating the web presentation of a paint company alongside a senior web developer
  • Optimization and profiling of the SQL statements with nested subroutines, to optimize the performance of a web site.
  • Preparing the database and SQL declarations for a new client project selling sports appliances

PHP Programmer
Full Stack Programmer (>March 2002)


  • Location: Vienna 1070, Austria
  • Period: January 2002 - October 2003
  • Job type: Freelance (service contract)
  • References: Christoph C. Cemper (Cemper Gmbh)
  • Tools:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, PHP Editor, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP Stack), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Mobile (WAP), SMS, PHP API, PL/SQL, MSSQL, local and remote debugging; web services; XML logging & XTSL

Initially assisting with the web design and PHP programming of web sites for clients using the company’s own framework. After 8 weeks, put in charge of the realization and artistic elaboration of the 'secondary' client projects, including visiting the clients for consultation, and cost calculation of the plans available and the predictable time frame of each plan.

  • One project particularly mentionable was an SMS based flirting service (​www.0900secret.at​ ) with a PHP client/server architecture and a PHP backend containing the business logic server, communicating with an API of the contracted SMS provider.
  • Created an admin UI to analyze the usage traffic stats and details about the API flow (messaging platform, etc.)
  • Complete implementation for a gewista.at press/business relations project "CityLight Newsroom"
  • Community support for a German Microsoft Office site


HTL Ottakring

1999 - 2004

graduated as HTL engineer

Vocational college with a 5 year formation and an specialization of Technical Informatics

University of Vienna

2006 - 2011

graduated as B.Sc. in Chemical Biology

Chemical biology with a computer science specialization

University of Vienna

2005 - 2012

graduated "magna cum laude" as Mag.rer.nat (equiv. M.Sc.) in Molecular Biology

Molecular biology with a computer science specialization (Informatics and Bioinformatics)

Clients & Portfolio

Selected Clients

Following is a listing of works, in the order from left to right, up to down:

  • CoFounder: ULC Foods (Full Stack: LAMP Stack)
  • Anexia: MSSQL Sync Client (Full Stack: Winforms/C# Stack)
  • Anexia: derstandard.at/wetter (Semi Stack: ASP.NET; given Photoshop design)
  • Ixolit: DistribLoad (Full Stack: PHP/ Internal CDN Platform)
  • Ixolit: moerify.com (Full Stack: Internal CDN Platform Stack )
  • Ixolit: sayhello.to (Full Stack: LAMP / MEAN Stack)
  • Portfolio for the period before 2013

Selected Works